Final Jeopardy: 80s Sitcom Characters

The Final Jeopardy question (7/24/2012) in the category “80s Sitcom Characters” was:

Creator Gary David Goldberg wrote this Republican character as unsympathetic, but the actor made him lovable.

2-day champ Andy Baggarly is back today to try for a third win and another big payday to add to his $40,001 winnings. Today’s competitors are: Prudence Plunkett from Wasilla, AK and Zack Knowles from Baltimore, MD.

Prudence found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Double-Letter Words.” She was in second place with $2,400, $800 behind Andy in the lead. She bet $800 and she was WRONG. Not sure what she said — sounded like pebble.

The Germans call brussel sprouts “rosenkohl”, literally “rose” this. show

Zack finished in the lead with $4,600. Andy was second with $3,200 and Prudence was in third place with $2,800.

Andy found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “Nautical Talk.” He had $3,600 now, $1,000 less than Andy’s lead. He bet $1,400 and he was RIGHT.

In the age of sail, each country had its own cut, or style of these triangular sails that enhanced the steering abilities of large ships. show

Andy found the last Daily Double in “Notable Names.” He had $6,600 at this point, $3,600 less than Zack’s lead. He bet $4,000, and he was RIGHT.

Mark Twain published this man’s memoirs in 1885 & called them “the best of any General’s since Caesar.” show

Andy finished in the lead with $10,600. Zack was next with $10,200 and Prudence was pulling up the rear with $3,200.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Michael J. Fox played the role of conservative teen Alex Proctor Keaton in “Family Ties”, who confounded his liberal parents with his love of William F. Buckley. Alex’ first word was said to be “Nixon.” Family Ties’ series creator Gary David Goldberg was an ex-hippie who considered the show semi-autobiographical and the emphasis was supposed to be more on the older Keatons. But it was their capitalistic son, Alex, who became a 1980s icon, thanks to Michael J. Fox’s interpretation of the part, no doubt.

Matthew Broderick was originally intended for the part, but would not move to New York to do the show. We’ll never know how he would have played Alex.

Prudence wrote down “Alex from Family Ties.” This was deemed unacceptable. She doubled down and lost it all.

Zack wrote down “Michael J. Fox,” giving the name of the actor and not the character. That cost him everything, too.

Andy wrote down “Alex Keaton” and bet $9,801. He won again with $20,401, not quite as much as yesterday, but very respectable all the same. His 3-day total is $60,402.

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