Final Jeopardy: Famous Names in Transportation

The Final Jeopardy question (5/13/2013) in the category “Famous Names in Transportation” was:

In 1928, a year after making international headlines, it reached its final destination, the Smithsonian.

The last three players with a shot at getting in the College Championship semi-finals are Nishanth Uli, a sophomore from Washington U at St. Louis from Ohio; Laura Rigge a Wellesley junior from Pennsylvania; and Forrest Farjadian, a Tulsa U sophomore from Oklahoma.

Laura found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Literary Characters.” She was in second place with $600, $2,200 behind Nishanth’s lead. She opted to only bet what she had and she was RIGHT.

The pawnbroker Alyona Ivanovna & her sister Lizaveta are murdered with an ax in this novel. show

Nishanth finished in the lead with $6,800. Laura was second with $3,000 and Forrest was last with $200.

Nishante found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “Portrait of the Artist’s Mother.” He had a big lead with $11,600, $5,000 more than Laura in second place. He bet $1,400 and he was RIGHT.

Noted as a painter of moms & kids, this American impressionist showed her own mom with the grand kids. show

Laura found the last Daily Double in “River Run.” She was in second place with $13,400, $8,400 less than Nishanth’s lead. She bet $4,000 and thought it was the Columbia. That was WRONG.

From the Rockies to the Gulf, between Brownsville & Matamoros. show

Nishanth finished in the lead with $21,800. Laura was next with $11,400 and Forrest was in third place with $3,400.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“Just one year and two days after making their first flight at Dutch Flats in San Diego, California, on April 28, 1927, Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis flew together for the final time while making a hop from St. Louis to Bolling Field, in Washington, D.C., on April 30, 1928. There he presented his monoplane to the Smithsonian Institution where for more than eight decades it has been on display, today hanging in the atrium of the National Air and Space Museum alongside the Bell X-1 and SpaceShipOne. At the time of its retirement, the Spirit had made 174 flights for a total of 489:28 flying time. (wikipedia)

Forrest got it, bet $3,395 and finished with $6,795.

Laura thought it was the Hindenburg. That cost her $5,500 and she finished with $5,900.

Nishanth also got it right and bet $1,001 and won the match with $22,801.

So the final results of the quarter finals are:

Semi-Finalists (in money order):
Hannah Schoenhard … $26,000
Nishanth Uli ……………… $22,801
Jim Coury ……………… $20,001
Cindy Cammarn ……… $12,700
Trevor Walker ….……… $12,001

No changes to the Wild Card list again, but, wow, if she knew the prior players’ scores, Laura would have stood pat.

Kristen Jolley ………… $19,000
Julia Sprangers ……… $16,400
Daniel Donohue …….. $14,000
Jed Silver ……………… $9,999

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