Final Jeopardy: Best Actress Oscar Nominees

The Final Jeopardy question (4/22/2013) in the category “Best Actress Nominees” was:

Her nomination in 1987 was the first Best Actress nomination for a science fiction film.

Current champ Judy Arginteanu has a 2-day total of $28,300. She returns today to compete against these two players: Richard Hansen from Reno, NV; and Michael Ellis from Columbus, OH.

Richard found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Quoth The Politician” before the first break, He was in the lead with $1,400, $800 more than Judy in second place. He made it a true Daily Double and thought it was Woodrow Wilson. That was WRONG.

He said, “Since they whose duty it was to wield the sword of France have let it fall… I have taken up the broken blade. show

Richard finished in the lead with $7,000. Michael was second with $4,400 and Judy was last with $1,600.

Michael found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “Music & History.” He was in the lead with $7,200, $600 more than Richard in second place. He bet $2,500 and he was RIGHT.

This character from a minstrel show song lent his name to segregation laws enacted after reconstruction. show

Judy found the last Daily Double in “It’s National Park Week.” She was in second place now with $8,800, $4,100 less than Michael’s lead. She bet $4,000 and gave the one word answer “Moon” so that was WRONG.

Appropriately, Apollo 14 astronauts trained at the Idaho monument with this 4-word name. show

Michael finished in the lead with $12,900. Richard was next with $8,200 and Judy was in third place with $3,200.

ALL of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


At the 59th Academy Awards held on March 30, 1987, Sigourney Weaver was one of five actresses up for the Best Actress Award. Weaver was nominated for her portrayal of Ellen Ripley in Aliens (1986). The other nominees were Jane Fonda (The Morning After), Kathleen Turner (Peggy Sue Got Married), Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God), and Sissy Spacek (Crimes of the Heart). Marlee Matlin won. (59th Academy Awards)

Judy bet $1,502 and finished with $4,702.

Richard bet $4,701 in hopes that Michael got it wrong. He finished with $12,901.

Michael got it right, too and bet $3,501 so he won the game with $16,401 and he’s our new Jeopardy! champ.

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  1. mccall says:

    Actually Alex Trebek got it wrong when he said, “you are thinking of “Alien”” after earlier saying it spawned a great series. Alien (1979) was the first, and its very good (and some argue better) sequel ALIENS (1986) was Sigourney Weaver’s film of nomination.