Final Jeopardy: Business History

The Final Jeopardy question (3/1/2013) in the category “Business History” was:

In 1938 his company began installing instruments in U.S. homes to record the frequencies to which a radio was tuned.

2-day champ Sara Garnett has scooped up $53,402 in winnings so far. On the last day of the week, she is up against these two players: Melissa Leanza, from Laguna Hills, CA and Craig Sallinger, from Washington, DC.

Sara found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Presidential Pooches” before the first commercial break. She was in second place with $600, $200 behind Melissa in the lead. She bet $1,000 and she was RIGHT.

Thomas Jefferson owned two Briards that were a gift from this Frenchman.

Sara finished in the lead with $7,000. Melissa was second with $4,600 and Craig was last with $3,600.

Craig found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “The E.U. Country That…” He was still in third place with $4,000, $4,200 behind Sara’s lead. He bet $2,500, thought it was France and that was WRONG.

Has a territory just off Canada, even though it’s 1,300 miles away.

Craig found the last Daily Double in “Chicken Parts.” He was now in the lead with $13,500, $1,700 more than Sara in second place. He bet $2,500 and blanked out so he was WRONG.

The character “judgment of” the second son of Priam was that he was a coward during the Trojan War.

Sara finished in the lead with $11,800. Craig was next with $11,000 and Melissa was in third place with $6,600.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“Because the Depression was also a period of rapid growth for radio and radio advertising Nielsen was encouraged to begin measuring radio audiences. In the spring of 1936 he attended a meeting of the Market Research Council in New York at which the speaker was Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) instructor Robert Elder. Elder described the use of a mechanical recorder which could be attached to the tuning mechanism of a radio receiver, providing a continuous record of the stations to which the set was tuned. ” (Museum of Broadcast Communication: Nielsen)

Melissa wrote down (David) Sarnoff (pioneer of American radio and television). She lost $6,000 with that and finished with $600.

Craig (who thought he looks like John Lithgow?) got it right. He bet $10,998. Yes, he shouldn’t have thrown away his lead with that last DD, but despite all his bad breaks*, he played a helluva game. He finished with $21,998.

Sara also got it right and bet $10,201 so she won her third game with $22,001. Her 3-day total of $75,403 means she’s moving in TOC territory.

*It was weird how Craig gave Denmark as a prior wrong answer in the ‘EU countries’ category, then answered France on the DD — and then it was even weirder when Paris was the answer to the second DD!

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