Final Jeopardy: American Authors

The Final Jeopardy question (2/25/2013) in the category “American Authors” was:

In 1925 she visited a floating theater docked in North Carolina to research her new novel.

We now begin the two-day Finals in the 2013 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions and these three players will be with us today and tomorrow as they vie for that glorious grand prize of $250,000: Keith Whitener (whose winning semi-final total was $34,200); Kristin Morgan, ($35,601); and Colby Burnett ($38,401). Now you know why Colby went first.

Keith found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Name the Bible Book” before the first commercial break. He was in second place with $1,200, $400 behind Kristin’s lead. He made it a true Daily Double, but did not know. He guessed First Chronicles but that was WRONG.

(The “First” part) “But if they cannot contain, let them marry for it is better to marry than to burn.

Colby finished in the lead with $6,000. Keith was second with $4,800 and Kristin was last with $2,400. At least that’s how it was before the commercial break. Upon returning, Colby was docked $2,000 for giving F. W. de Klerk’s name as Frederik Wilhelm de Klerk, when his middle name is the Dutch Willem. That put Keith in the lead and Colby in second place with $4,000.

We are sure Colby will join us in giving this advice to future contestants: STICK TO LAST NAMES! STICK TO LAST NAMES! It’s not always possible but when it is, STICK TO LAST NAMES!

Keith found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “World Place Names.” He was in the lead with $8,000, $2,400 ahead of Colby in second place. He bet $5,000 and again, he didn’t know. He guessed Jerusalem, but that was WRONG.

The Arabic name of this biblical town means “House of Meat”; the Hebrew name — “House of Bread”.

Keith found the last Daily Double in “Hugo Awards for Science Fiction.” He was in second place with $5,400, $8,600 behind Colby in the lead. He only bet $2,000 this time and, yeah, this time he was RIGHT.

Damon Knight for this short story (or is it the title of a cookbook?)

Colby finished in the lead with $21,200. Keith was next with $7,400 and Kristin was in third place with $6,400.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Edna Ferber traveled to North Carolina to visit The James Adams Floating Palace Theatre after learning about show boats from a producer of her last novel and deciding to write about one. She got there at the end of the season when the floating theatre was preparing to leave port. “My name is Edna Ferber,” she explained to a young man named Charles Hunter, “I’m a writer. I am trying to write about show boats. I’ve come all the way from New York to talk to the owner of this one.” As luck would have it, Hunter not only knew who she was, he and his wife were huge fans. Read about it at NC Historic Sites: Bath.

Kristin wrote down Joyce Carol Oates. She lost her $6,000 bet and finished with $400.

Keith took a shot with (Sylvia) Plath. That cost $2,600 and he finished with $4,800.

Colby got it right (sticking to the last name this time). He added $1,000 to his score and wound up with $22,200.

The contestants will bring these totals into tomorrow’s match. No need to point out who has a distinct advantage, but as we know too well, anything can happen. Judging from his FJ bet today, we anticipate that Colby will be quite cautious tomorrow. Even if Kristin and Keith don’t feel they have a chance to win it all tomorrow, there is a $50,000 difference between the second and third place prizes, so we expect that they will be very mindful of that and not behave as if there’s nothing to lose.

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