Final Jeopardy: World Capitals

The Final Jeopardy question (2/18/2013) in the category “World Capitals” was:

Alphabetically, Zagreb is the last world capital; this capital of a former Soviet Republic is second to last.

The 2013 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions continues this week. It’s the 4th match of the quarter-finals today and the players are: Dan McShane a 4x champ ($62,001); Kristin Morgan, a 5x champ ($69,098); and Keith Whitener, a 7x champ ($147,597).

Dan found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Micro.” He was in a tie for second place with Keith. They both had $!,200, $200 less than Kristin’s lead. He bet it all and he was RIGHT.

This field covers the control of bits of matter smaller than 1/100th the thickness of a sheet of

Dan finished in the lead with $6,000. Kristin was second with $5,600 and Keith was last with $4,200.

Kristin found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “1960s Black America.” She was in second place with $7,600, $800 less than Dan’s lead. She bet $2,500 and she was RIGHT.

In March of 1964, he broke with the Nation of Islam. show

Keith found the last Daily Double in “Landmarks.” He was in third place with $7,800, $4,600 behind Dan’s lead. He bet $5,000 and he was RIGHT.

Architect Guarino Guarini designed the Capella Della Sacra Sindone to house this relic. show

Keith finished in the lead with $16,000. Kristin was next with $13,300 and Dan was in third place with $12,400.

ALL of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Studying an alphabetical list of world capitals and countries is probably already on the Jeopardy! To Do List of those who aspire to be contestants, so here’s a little information about the city. Yerevan was in the news in 2012 when it was selected as a World Book Capital by UNESCO.

According to its municipal website, the name of the city goes back to the period of Urartu and evolved from the name “Erebuni”. It says that happened because in Armenian, the letter B sounds like a V.Yerevan is located on the edge of the Ararat valley on both banks of the river Hrazdan, at an altitude of 900 – 1200 above sea level. The climate is “acutely continental with hot and dry summer and relatively severe winter.” (Municipality of Yerevan).

Dan added $7,600 to his score which gave him an even $20,000.

Kristin bet $4,200, finishing with $17,500.

Keith bet $10,601 so he won the semi-finalist spot with $26,601.

Kristin and Dan knocked two people off the Wild Card list, which now looks like this:

Dan McShane: $20,000
Kristin Morgan: $17,500
Jason Shore: $14,000
Stephanie Jass: $13,000

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