Final Jeopardy: 1960s Rock Music

The Final Jeopardy question (12/24/2012) in the category “1960s Rock Music” was:

This 1967 No. 1 hit contains snippets of ‘In the Mood,’ ‘Greensleeves,’ & ‘She Loves You.’

2-day champ Mike Wallace won $48,800 over 2 games last week. He’s back today to compete against these two players: Gina Armstrong, from Anniston, AL and Kris Hamilton, from Dublin, OH.

Kris found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “The ‘B’-ginning and End of the Country.” He had a BIG lead with $7,600, $6,400 more than Gina in second place. He bet $2,000 and he was RIGHT.

Average elevation about 8,000 feet; ends with an N.

Kris finished in the lead with $11,000. Gina was second with $1,200 and Mike was last with $800.

Kris found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “Authors at War.” He was in the lead with $13,000 now, $11,400 more than Mike in second place. He bet $3,000, thought it was Kurt Vonnegut but that was WRONG.

Auctioned in 2011, a letter by this author who satirized the military said “in truth I enjoyed” fighting in WWII.

Mike found the last Daily Double in “Science & Nature.” He was in second place with $2,000, $10,800 behind Mike’s lead. He bet it all in a true Daily Double and he was RIGHT.

Saturn’s moons range from boulder size moonlets to this enormous moon that’s larger than Mercury.

Kris finished with $19,200, a runaway lead for sure. Mike was next with $7,600. Gina was in the red for $2,800 so she was out at this point.

NEITHER contestant got Final Jeopardy! right.


Do you think they would have got it if the clue mentioned the introduction from the French National Anthem?

“‘All You Need is Love’ borrows from the French national anthem, ‘La Marseillaise,’ a Bach Two-Part Invention in F, Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood’, ‘Greensleeves’ and ‘She Loves You’.” (The Ultimate Beatles Quiz Book)

Mike guessed “Sgt. Pepper.” He bet everything and finished with nothing. Alex Trebek previously told Gina she finished in third place and would get $1,000, but now she’s in a tie in 2nd place with Mike, so they both should get $2,000.

Kris wrote down “A Day in the Life.” He lost $3,000, but of course, still won the game with $16,200 and we start off the week with a brand new champ.

A joyful holiday to everyone celebrating Christmas.

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