Final Jeopardy: States’ Highest Points

The Final Jeopardy question (12/14/2012) in the category “States’ Highest Points” was:

This state’s highest peak is 13,796 feet high & only about 15 miles from the ocean.

Returning champ Alistair Bell has won $29,199 so far. Today he will try for a third win against these new opponents: Matt Steinpreis, from Plymouth, WI and Carly Gramer, from Orlando FL.

Carly found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Road Show.” She was in a tie for second place with Alistair and they both had $3,200, $1,200 less than Matt’s lead. She bet $1,200 and she was not only RIGHT, her pronunciation was si magnifique that Alex Trebek did not feel the need to repeat the answer.

It’s the street of light seen here.

Carly finished in the lead with $4,800. Matt was second with $4,000 and Alistair was last with $3,600.

Matt found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “Civil War Literature.” He was in the lead with $12,800, $2,800 more than Alistair in second place. He bet $1,000 and he was RIGHT.

Geraldine Brooks’ “March” imagines the war exploits of Mr. March, the father of the four girls in this work.

Alistair got the last clue which was also the last Daily Double in “Adventures in Journalism.” He was now in the lead with $15,200, $1,400 ahead of Matt in second place. He bet $1,200, and he was RIGHT.

An assignment for “Sports Illustrated” to cover a motorcycle race in NV led Hunter S. Thompson to write this book.

Alistair finished in the lead with $16,400. Matt was next with $13,800 and Carly was in third place with $6,800.

ALL of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right. (it’s been a while – the last one we can find when all contestant were right was back on 11/15 in the Teachers Tournament!).


Interestingly, wikipedia lists Mauna Kea as rising to a height of 13,803 ft. But let’s not quibble over another 7 feet. Whether it is 13,803 ft. or 13,796 ft., the 15 feet from the ocean was the real giveaway. also has a list of State High Points).

Carly added $1,000 to her score to finish with $7,800.

Matt didn’t bet anything at all, in the hope that Alistair would be wrong, so he remained at $13,800.

Alistair, on the other hand, bet to cover the possibility that Matt would bet it all and be right. He added $11,201 to win today’s game with a hefty $27,602. His 3-day total is $56,800 and we’re sure he is even more happy than his Mr. Happy socks that he showed off during the chat segment.

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