Final Jeopardy: Plays

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4 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    I remembered who it was — Joel Pool. By the May 23rd game this year, I mentioned at the end that he was becoming famous for leaving out the verb in his Final Jeopardy answers. He is a 6x champ. We’ll see if he does it in the Tournament of Champions.

  2. Dave in Indy says:

    Agree with Michele – Colby did not put it in a true form of a question since he left out the “is” but if what VJ says is true, he is “okay” but not in my book;)

    As far as “misspellings” that is like adding an s to a word, waiting and waitin are pronounced differently.

  3. VJ says:

    I was surprised myself because I thought that they don’t penalize for misspellings — only if it changes the word to another word entirely. Leaving off the G didn’t change it to another word entirely.

    As for Colby, leaving out the verb didn’t make his answer wrong. I remember another player who did that, although the name escapes me at the moment. I’ll put a link to it if I remember his name.

    Ironic that it was a teacher — even if she wouldn’t mark a student wrong for that, she would certainly red pencil it. LOL

  4. Michele says:

    Colby should’ve been disqualified also. He wrote “What Waiting for Godot” he did not put the word “is” in there. How was that allowed?