Final Jeopardy: First Families

The Final Jeopardy question (11/5/2013) in the category “First Families” was:

Sasha & Malia Obama are the first presidential children who were not old enough to vote since this one.

New champ Woody Houchin won $14,100 yesterday. Today he takes on these two players: Carole Furr, from Richmond, VT; and Rani Peffer, from Crittendon, KY.

Rani found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Entertaining Occupations.” She was in second place with $2,000, $400 less than Carole’s lead. She bet $1,800 and she was RIGHT.

If you had this job in Japanese Bunraku theater, it was common to spend 15 years as a left arm operator. show

Rani finished in the lead with $6,400. Carole was second with $3,200 and Woody was last with $2,800.

Woody found the first Daily Double in “Come to Our ‘Ade’.” He was in second place with $4,800, $1,600 less than Carole in second place. He bet $2,400 but couldn’t come up with a guess so he was WRONG.

“Haffner” & “Colleredo” are 2 of these compositions by Mozart. show

Woody found the last Daily Double in “Water, Water Everywhere.” In third place with $3,200, he was now $3,600 behind Rani’s lead. He bet $1,000 and he was RIGHT.

In 2011, about 20% of globally traded oil left the Persian Gulf region through this strait. show

Woody finished in the lead with $10,600. Rani was next with $7,200 and Carole was in third place with $5,600.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Chelsea Clinton, or “Energy” (her Secret Service code name), was 12 years old when her father, Bill, was first elected President of the USA. She was 16 during his second campaign and on Inauguration Day as well, her date of birth being February 27, 1980.

Just by way of information (because the clue specified a one child answer), the Bush twins are not quite 2 years older than Chelsea Clinton, being born in November of 1981.

Carole wrote down Amy Carter. She lost her $1,601 bet and finished with $3,999.

Rani got it right. She added $7,111 to her score, to finish with $14,311.

Woody wrote down “G.W. Bus”, apparently misreading the clue and running out of time before he could get an ‘h’ in there. He lost $3,801 so he landed in second place with $6,799.

And the Jeopardy! champ title passes hands again for the 8th game in a row.

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3 Responses

  1. john blahuta says:


    140.000 25 years ago? wow! that was a fortune then, like almost a million today!

  2. David iron field says:

    Chelsea Clinton

  3. aaaa says:

    It was probably in 1988 when Carole Furr’s dad was on the show, as she said he won one game 25 years ago “almost to the day”. As to glean who said champion might have been, might take some work.

    Another Rani on a game show about 25 years ago won $140K(Rani White on $ale of the Century)