Comedy Writing on Law & Order SVU

Last night’s Law & Order SUV latest Season 10 Episode 6, Babes, was, we are sorry to report, pretty comical. Not that we don’t love a good laugh, but the whole thing was just so ridiculous and unbelievable!

The writers took several issues from the news: abuse of homeless people; the teen pregnancy pact; cyber-bullying that led to suicide — and perhaps, people who should not be parents? — and managed to get all that in this one hour episode.

Into that mix they added Detective John Munch going undercover as a homeless loon to catch the people who burned a homeless guy who got a teenager pregnant, and a white hip hop character named “Dizzer” who does his best to convince Detective Fin that he is cool. Tip for the writers: it would be a lot funnier if Detective Fin would just for once talk shiz back instead of merely leveling his best Ice-T “you ain’t cool” look.

When Olivia visits Fidelia, the girl who started the pregnancy pact, she reads the spoiled girl the riot act in front of her dazed parents who only intervene when their princess prevails on her daddy to make Olivia stop her lecture. When Daddy does, in another comedy highlight, Fidelia taunts Olivia with her age and ticking clock. And — the Palin pregnancy got mentioned, too.

The ending was predictable enough, except for another highlight, which came from Mrs. Bernardi, the mother of the teen impregnated by the homeless murder victim.

After she was acquitted in court for cyber-bullying when the suicide she allegedly instigated turns out to be a murder, she went psycho and attacked new ADA, Kim Greylak. Hellcat Peggy Bernardi was played by actress Debi Mazar, whose performance as a scary parent was the best thing about the whole episode.

Anyone remember Debi from Goodfellas? She played Henry Hill’s (Ray Liotta) coke-sniffing girlfriend, Sandy. The one who was up in the apartment cowering when Karen Hill (Lorraine Bracco) went ballistic, ringing all the bells in her apartment building and telling everyone that a whore was living in their building — no, no — that’s wrong. That was Gina Mastrogiacomo who played Janice Rossi up in the apartment, Henry Hill’s first mistress in the movie. Sandy was his second mistress.

The rest of the characters who are not regulars on the series:
Mr. Galli (Michael Badalucco)
Max Matarazzo (Jesse McCartney)
Alec Bernardi (Philip Ettinger)
Tina Bernardi (Brittany Robertson)
Fidelia Vidal (will update when we know)
Mrs. Vidal (Katherine Narducci)
Mr. Vidal (Ray Abruzzo)
Donald “Dizzer” Zuccho (Geoffrey Wigdor)

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