Celebs Tweet Reactions to Bin Laden’s Death #Osama

Here’s some twitter reactions to Osama Bin Laden’s demise, and yes, this time, Gilbert Gottfried did have something to say:

@RealGilbert (Gilbert Gottfried): I refuse to say anything that might seem insensitive about #Osama Bin Laden’s death so let me say my thoughts & prayers are with Al-Qaeda

@MarioLopezExtra Mario Lopez: What a way to start off the week! Congrats to our military and CIA intelligence!! thank you Mr President

@FINALLEVEL ICE T: Bin Laden pop his head up yesterday and saw the Rangers,Seals & Special Forces… Oh shit. My head exploded.. OBAMA GANGSTAS Mooovin!

@ActuallyNPH Neil Patrick Harris: Navy Seals are the s#it.

@UncleRUSHRussell Simmons: i’m not rejoicing @ the killing of khadafys son or even the killing of Bin laden.

@ochocinco Chad Ochocinco: Viva Mexico Cabrones!!! RT @UnivisionNews: Notimex reports that one of the SEALS involved in the operation was of Mexican descent

@hollyrpeete Holly Robinson Peete: White House releases photo of national security team in the Situation Room during Bin Laden mission 

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