Alex Trebek Meets Jeopardy’s Future Host

and a bit of sarcasm from one of the kids in the July 31, 2013 game.

Thomas, who comes from Connecticut, is only 12 but he tells Alex Trebek that he won’t mind waiting another 6 years to become the Jeopardy! host. “You look like you’re having fun,” Thomas said.

Skyler, from Kentucky, really lucked out in this game (not that he wasn’t an excellent player otherwise). He has a passion for Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War and he had the good fortune to be appearing on a game where the Final Jeopardy category was The Civil War!

In the chat segment, Skyler talks about how he memorized the Gettysburg Address at the age of 6, and then recited it on CNN at age 9. “You were a lot older then,” Trebek observes. Watch the video to see Skyler’s response.

The game recap is here.

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1 Response

  1. RonSpain says:

    Three years was an eternity when I was their age! And I hope Thomas becomes the future host because he seemed like a nice kid.