After Pep Talk from Mitt Romney, Manny Pacquiao Gets Knocked Out by Juan Manuel Marquez

Boxer Manny Pacquiao got a special dressing room visitor prior to his welterweight bout against Juan Manuel Marquez December 8th in Las Vegas.  Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stopped by to wish Pacquiao good luck in his fourth fight with Marquez.  The first three have been ultra close, with Pacquiao narrowly winning two.  The other match ended in a draw.  Like Romney, Pacquiao is also involved in politics; he’s a member of the House of Representatives in his native Philippines.

So Mitt and his wife Ann took to their courtside seats and Pacquiao and Marquez took to the ring.  The pep talk didn’t help.  With one second left in the sixth round, Marquez landed an overhand right that sent Pacquiao face first and unconscious to the canvas right in front of the Romneys.  Marquez finally had that elusive victory.

Both fighters’ camps are already saying they’d be open to a fifth fight (these bouts are turning into cash cows), so don’t be surprised if they meet again down the road.  If there indeed is a next time, Pacquiao may request that the Romneys stay home and watch it on pay-per-view.

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