2012 Grammy In Memoriam List

One day after her death, Whitney Houston was added to the 2012 Grammy In Memoriam list. President and CEO of the Recording Academy, CEO Neil Portnow introduced the in Memoriam list longtime, prefacing it with the loss of Grammy co-executive producer John Cossette, who passed away on April 26, 2011. Here is the entire in memoriam list, including dates of death.

Singer, Amy Winehouse (d. 7/23/11)
Singer, songwriter, Nick Ashford (d. 8/22/11)
Singer, songwriter, Phoebe Snow (d. 4/26/11)
Songwriter, Jerry Lieber (d. 8/22/11)
Digital music pioneer, Steve Jobs (d. 8/5/11)
Rapper, Heavy (d. 11/8/11)
Singer, rap music pioneer, Sylvia Robinson (11/29/11)
Rapper, Nate Dogg (3/15/11)
Rapper, Montae “M Bone” Talbert (5/15/11)
Pop, funk musician, Jimmy Castor (1/17/12)
Jazz pianist, George Shearing (2/14/11)
Pop Pianist Roger Williams (10/8/11)
Jazz Pianist, Ray Bryant (6/2/11)
Film and TV producer Gil Cates (10/31/11)
TV film composer, Fred Steiner (6/23/11)
Singer, songwriter, Dobie Gray (12/6/11)
Country singer, Ferlin Husky (3/17/11)
Songwriter, musician Larry Butler (1/20/12)
Country singer Wilma Lee Cooper (9/13/11)
County Songwriter, Harley Allen (3/30/11)
Country singer, songwriter Liz Anderson (10/31/11)
Country songwriter, Charlie Craig (7/1/11)
Music exec, Barbara Orbison (12/6/11)
Music exec, Frank DiLeo (8/24/11)
Music exec, Steve Popovich (6/8/11)
Producer, engineer, Tal Herzberg (4/7/11)
Live sound innovator, Bruce Jackson (1/29/11)
Singer, musician, Johnny Otis (1/17/12)
R&B singer, Benny Spellman (6/3/11)
Producer, A&R Exec, Don DeVito (11/25/11)
Producer, engineer Stan Ross (3/11/11)
Producer, engineer Roger Nichols (4/9/11)
Singer songwriter, Joe Arroyo (7/26/11)
Singer Songwriter, Facundo Cabral (7/9/11)
Motown guitarist, songwriter, Marv Tarplin (9/30/11)
Motown exec, Esther Gordy Edwards (8/24/11)
Singer, Carl Gardner (The Coasters) (6/12/2011)
R&B guitarist, Cornell Dupree (5/8/11)
Songwriter, Jerry Ragovoy (7/13/11)
Singer, Gene McDaniels (7/29/11)
Jazz drummer, Joe Morello (3/12/11)
Jazz saxophonist, Gil Bernal (7/17/11)
Jazz saxophonist, Frank Foster (7/26/11)
Percussionist, composer, Ralph Macdonald (12/18/11)
Ska, reggae singer, Leonard Dillon (9/28/11)
Composer, arranger, pianist, Clare Fischer (1/26/12)
Fok musician, Bert Jansch (10/5/11)
Singer songwriter, Andrew Gold (6/3/11)
Folk singer, songwriter, Bill Morrissey (7/23/11)
Philanthropist Warren Hellman (Hardly Stricty
Bluegrass Festival) (12/18/11)
Folk, bluegrass singer, Hazel Dickens (4/22/11)
Rock guitarist, Gary Moore (2/6/11)
Bassist, Gerard Smith (4/20/11)
Blues drummer, Doyle Bramhall Sr. (11/12/11)
Bluesman, Pinetop Perkins (3/21/11)
Blues guitarist, Hubert Sumlin (12/4/11)
Singer, David ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards (8/29/11)
Soprano, Camilla Williams (1/29/12)
Composer, Milton Babbitt (1/29/11)
Classical trumpeter, David Mason (4/29/11)
Classical producer, Andy Kazkin (11/28/11)
album cover inventor, Alex Steinweiss (7/17/11)
Art director. Bill Johnson (6/15/2011)
Gospel singer, songwriter, Jessy Dixon (9/26/11)
Founder, Gospel Music Association, Don Butler (2/3/11)
Saxophonist Clarence Clemons (6/18/11)
Singer, Whitney Houston (2/11/12)

Jennifer Hudson then took the stage to sing a tribute to Whitney Houston with a performance of “I Will Always Love You.”

Although Etta James, who passed away on 1/20/12, was not included in the list, Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys sang “Sunday Kind of Love” in tribute to the legendary artist. “We love you, Etta! We love you, Whitney! We’ll never forget you,” Alicia and Bonnie said in unison at the end of the performance.

Also omitted was Warrant singer, Jani Lane, who passed away on 8/11/11.

Every year, people are annoyed by the Grammy in Memoriam list which apparently operates on a different schedule than the regular calendar year, but they and other award shows always say, they don’t have room for everyone. Other well-known singers (depending upon what generation you’re from) who passed away last year include:

Gerry Rafferty, Stealers Wheels (1/4/11)
Gladys Horton, lead singer of the Marvelettes (1/26/11)
Singer, Johnny Preston, “Running Bear” (3/4/11)
Singer, Jimmy Roselli, “Mala Femmina” (6/30/11)
Singer, Rob Grill, The Grass Roots (7/11/11)
Singer, Vesta Williams, “Congratulations” (9/22/11)

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4 Responses

  1. Brandon Roney says:

    Cant believe they did not celebrate John Cossettes life more than the passing mention that they did.

  2. Brandon Roney says:

    John Cossette was the exec. producer of the show for years following in the footsteps of his father, whom the grammy museam is named for. The Cossettes have produced the show since its first appearance on television. I was shocked they did not celebrate his life more than they did.

  3. MaxieX says:

    I thought I didn’t see Etta in the list last night. They left out a lot of people including Mike Starr 3-8-11 and as mentioned, Jani Lane 8-11-11.

  4. jellybean702 says:

    Wow, I can’t believe they left out Etta James!